Alpha Omega Translations - USA

We would like to work with you again. The client was satisfied with your last job.” (Dimitra Hengen)

HL Trad - France

“(…) we are satisfied with her work.” – (Emmanuel Hacques – Managing Partner)

Instituto Piaget - Portugal

“(…) fiquei plenamente satisfeito com o resultado e com a qualidade evidenciada (…)  , (…) quando surgir qualquer trabalho (…) contactá-la-ei nesse sentido.” (Sr. Sérgio Pereira – Setor de Tradução)

Language Connect - UK

“Helena responds promptly to requests and questions and delivers files by the deadline, if not before. She is polite, professional and a pleasure to work with!” (Vanessa Vander – Project Manager)

Prestige Network - UK

“(…) we have always been very pleased with the quality of your work and the timeliness of your deliveries so we will definitely be sending you more projects as and when they come up.” (Lucy Hartland - Translations Project Manager)

Tradnologies - Spain

“No tenemos ninguna queja de tu trabajo y no hay registrada ninguna incidencia al respecto. Por lo tanto, por el momento todo va bien y no descartamos pasarte más trabajo.” (Marc Núñez de Prado - Business Development Director)

Transenter – The Netherlands

“We are generally happy with your services and yes, we will be contacting you in the future about new projects. “ (Peter Korys – Project Manager)

TranslateGB - UK

“Helena Ramos has provided many high-quality English to Portuguese translations to us on a freelance basis over the past few years. All of her translations were completed on-time and at a competitive price. She is highly professional, approachable and friendly. I would recommend her unreservedly to prospective clients wishing to arrange high-quality translations from English to Portuguese.” (Dr Anthony Monks, Director Translate (GB) Ltd. April 2014.)

Translation World Ltd. - UK

Helena has proved to be an excellent translator, always delivering on time and always accurate.  We fully intend to contact her again for any future projects into Portuguese.” (Zara Garrett)

Translavic – The Netherlands

“(…) we appreciate your work and we are aware of your doing best and indeed, you are one of our favorite translators in this language combination.” – (Magdalena Makieła)

Verbatim Solutions - USA

“Helena has proven to be an invaluable contact for Verbatim Solutions. We continue to use her services and highly recommend her to others.” - (Robyn Nelson)


InterNation, Inc.


"She has worked on many projects for us in the past in different areas, such as pharmaceutical, cultural and financial. She is reliable, conscientious, devoted to the craft and she follows instructions and communicates well. We look forward to working with her again in the near future.  She is one of the good ones.”- InterNation Inc."